Tuesday, September 05, 2017

12..14-Sep-2017: Prof Yesha will participate at the Xin Forum in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

The Tsinghua Xin Center will host its fourth annual Forum on September 13- 14, 2017.

This year’s theme focuses on health and sustainable development and explores the new approaches for the growth and challenges in the healthcare industry. The Forum has been a thriving platform to connect research institutions, enterprises, investors, high-tech incubators, and governments to achieve the ultimate goal of reforming the new business structure. Among the attendees expected are leaders of the Tsinghua University, TusPark Venture, officials from the Embassy of Israel, a delegation of TAU teachers and students, and Israeli entrepreneurs.

In addition, a TAU day will be held at the Beijing Institute of Technology on September 12, 2017.

The Coller Institute of Venture will be represented by Prof. Yesha Sivan, who is scheduled to speak on both the BIT-TAU day and the XIN Forum.

Click here to view additional information about the forum and apply for participation.

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Sunday, August 06, 2017

31-Jul-2017: Prof. Sivan presented "Employment Black Holes" at the JDC Clusters Forum

The JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance focuses on the top leaders of Israel – philanthropists, lay leaders, senior government officials, mayors and municipal leaders. Its vision is to bring leaders together to achieve wide, measurable, and sustainable social impact in Israel. This includes improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations and closing social gaps. One of the projects operated by the Institute is Regional Clusters — an innovative model for boosting local authorities in selected areas.
The cluster is, in essence, an advanced municipal tool created to achieve a few main goals:
  • Enhancing the quality of local services and widening the variety and availability of the services offered
  • Establishing partnerships among the local authorities in the region
  • Deepening the collaboration between the local authorities and the public sector, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs)
On Monday, 31-Jul-2017, the Regional Clusters forum held a special learning session focused on Regional Economic Development Worldwide, featuring Prof. Rafi Segal (MIT) and Prof. Yesha Sivan(CIV). Prof. Segal is an award-winning designer and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at MIT. Segal’s practice engages research and design on both the architectural and urban scale with projects in Israel, Africa, and the United States. Prof. Yesha Sivan is the Executive Director of The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management — a knowledge hub focusing on research and advancement of the global venture and innovation ecosystem.
At the forum, comprised of government officials from the Israeli ministries of Interior, Finance, Economy and the Prime-Minister’s Office, in addition to municipal leaders and regional cluster players, Yesha Sivan presented our recent work, “Employment Black Holes” (co-authored with Nathan Zeldes), exploring policy measures that city leaders must take to discover their city’s unique advantages and use them to create, develop and sustain quality jobs. Rafi Segal discussed models of regional economic development employed in China, Poland, and the USA.
Originally published by the Coller Institue of Venture.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Video: Employment Black Holes: The Key to the Future of Cities

The Coller Institute of Venture (CIV) presents a video abstract of the article on cities and ventures from the new City Venture issue of Coller Venture Review – “Employment Black Holes”, namely:

How can cities and geographical areas become so compelling that they PULL IN talent, funding, and innovation, and thus constantly create and sustain jobs at the expense of the less fortunate cities? 

Watch the short preview video below, and check CIV's original post here to learn more about Employment Black Holes.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

17-19 July 2017: Prof. Sivan will be at the Human Brain Project (HBE) entrepreneurship in neuroscience workshop


17-19 July 2017
Villa Toskana, Leimen, Germany

Application deadline: 1 June 2017
Scientific Programme

This “hackathon” style workshop completes and complements the online course on Intellectual Property Rights, Translation and Exploitation of Research. Students will work in small groups around joint applied research ideas in Neuroscience that the students will offer and conceive by themselves. The participants will study how to advance their ideas from the lab to market, understand the needs, the target population, patentability options and how to build a business model. Finally, they will present their ideas to industry and academy experts. The workshop is a hands-on unique experience of diving into the entrepreneurial world, learning how to advance the science into the next step...

The workshop is open to the whole student community and early post-docs upon application.

Applications from young female investigators are highly encouraged.

For more information visit:


Dana Bar-On - Introduction and guidelines for the workshop
Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel

Stephanie Bova
- Market Needs, Patient Needs
- Presentations Design - structuring, examples
- Business Model Canvas
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (Takeda), Switzerland

Eyal Bressler - Patents & IP Mini-Workshop
Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel

Sona Chandra
- Merket Needs, Patient Needs
- Presentations Design - structuring, examples
- Business Model Canvas
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (Takeda), Switzerland

Hicham Naim
- Merket Needs, Patient Needs
- Presentations Design - structuring, examples
- Business Model Canvas
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (Takeda), Switzerland

Yesha Sivan - Blue Ocean Strategy for Innovation - Mini-Workshop
Tel Aviv University (TAU), Israel

Christian Tidona - Lab visit BioMed X Heidelberg
BioRN Network/BioMed X Innovation Center (BioMed X), Germany

Monday, April 10, 2017

22..26-Apr-2017 (HK): Meet Prof. Sivan at CIV2017HK

Together with key industry figures, we will meet for CIV's annual meeting, this time in HK,
to talk about the future of Venture in general and focus on the evolving role of universities.

Here are some more details:

CIV2017HK— the Coller Institute of Venture Annual Conference, will take place on April 22-26, 2017 at the Hong Kong Science Park (main session – April 23, 2017).

The conference will serve an exclusive meeting place for leading players of the venture ecosystem – policymakers, institutional investors, scholars and venture capitalists.

In 2017, the conference will focus on The Future of University Venture, bringing together the greatest minds in the field to trigger the thinking and discussion necessary to evolve research universities into their new role as centers of venture and innovation.


  • Share latest developments, successes, and failures in venture, and university venture in particular;
  • Discuss and reflect to generate new ideas and models;
  • Collaborate and network with exclusive venture leaders;
  • Meet venture luminaries from MIT, Stanford, LBS, TAU, Technion, Peking University and Tsinghua-Shenzhen.
Among the leading speakers that have already confirmed their participation, you will find:

  • Prof. Dan Schechtman — Nobel Prize Laureate (2011) and Distinguished Professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Dongmin Chen — Director, Office of Science and Technology Development, Peking University
  • Katharine Ku — Executive Director, Office of Technology Licensing, Stanford University
  • Dr. Renchen Liu — President Assistant, Tsinghua-Shenzhen Research Institute
  • Lita Nelsen — Director (Ret.), Technology Licensing Office, MIT
  • Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg — Senior Economist, Parliament Member and Former Chairman of the Higher Education Budgeting and Planning Committee, Israel
If you want to hear these and other leading speakers in the same room, join CIV2017HK now and enjoy a special 20% HIX discount until 31-Mar-2017. Register today with the coupon HIXTIX.

Registered participants will enjoy discounted airfares with our official carrier, Cathay Pacific, and special rates in a wide selection of hotels.

Monday, February 20, 2017

20-Feb-2017: Prof. Sivan chairs VC's/Dealmakers panel at Silicon Dragon event in Tel Aviv

Silicon Dragon forum at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - CIV's executive director Prof. Yesha Sivan is moderating a VC's/Dealmakers panel. Panelists are: Avishai Silvershatz, Infinity Capital; Lior Simon, Arbor Ventures; Dan Clivner, Sidley; Yonatan Machao, JVP, Yoav Chelouche, Aviv Venture; Jeffrey Chi, Vickers Ventures, Yesha Sivan, Coller Institute of Venture with Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon.

Israeli and Chinese venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs met on February 20th, 2017 at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange for the Silicon Dragon Forum, to discuss the China-Israel-US tech triangle and the increasing role of VCs in the Chinese innovation ecosystem. Among the panelists attending and speaking at the forum were representatives of prominent VCs and angels, corporates (Baidu and IBM), and dealmakers.