Monday, April 28, 2008

Open University Event: April 28, 2008: Real Virtual Worlds and their Impact on Learning - Hebrew

  • The presentation in pdf format -- most of the slides.
  • Info about the Book including how to order (at the end).
  • Reference to the 3D3C definition of real virtual worlds.
  • My avatar in Second Life is Dera Kit and you can visit the lab at this location (this is an SLURL -- a URL that activate second life directly into a specific location). Alternatively you can search "metaverse labs" in second life.
  • My email: yesha at shenkar dot ac dot il.
I will give an invited talk for the Open University in Israel which will connect "Real Virtual Worlds" as defined as the 3D3C ... and learning...

April 28, 2008. 12:30 after noon. Canbar Hall, Kikar Building.