Monday, July 30, 2007

A web site that allow you to figure world times

You need to set a meeting with someone in Boston, USA; Australia, Austria, and Israel. How can you make sure you have the right time.

Well World Clock Convertor does it all for you.

Of course, once you have decided you better send a meeting request to make sure all are fully synchronized with your event.

1000 Facebook People Survey re second Life

As part of my own going research re the Metaverse I was asked by few people how many know about Second Life. If you consider all the PR that SL has, this is indeed a fair question. So using Facebook survey I asked 1000 people. These are the results. If you want the actual excel file please let me know. (ohh yes. I have a typo in Heard... sorry).

Feel free to comment and tell me what do you think the data mean?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

IBM's Virtual World Employee Guidelines

From Virtual Worlds News:
IBM released its employee guidelines for virtual worlds today. The seven-page PDF outlines basic principles governing how to represent IBM in the virtual arena.
This is a simple straight forward document that guide employees as to how to behave in the virtual world. All common sense both for the employees and IBM.

This is the intro of the document:

IBM believes that virtual worlds and other 3D Internet environments offer significant opportunity to our company, our clients and the world at large, as they evolve, grow in use and popularity, and become more integrated into many aspects of business and society. As an innovation-based company, IBM encourages employees to explore responsibly and to further the development of such new spaces of relationship-building, learning and collaboration. As we engage in these new environments, IBMers should follow and be guided first and foremost by our values and our Business Conduct Guidelines.

These Virtual Worlds Guidelines for IBM employees have been created to build upon those foundations and to address the some of the choices that individual IBMers may face in virtual worlds. These guidelines are not intended to address every situation you may encounter through use of a digital persona or personas. But reflecting as they do the input and expertise of a global team of experts--IBM’s Virtual Universe Community∗ --the guidelines are a good start at informing our collective engagement and exploration.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Second Life VIP megaparty: 8 sims

Look at all these green dots.... (each is a user in the party)

For the summer Linden has hosted a mega party. Some of the coolest ppl in SL came.
Of course, slow, bugs, shoes in butt, crashing into walls... but COOOL DJ and amazing people ... .
Love it. Love it. Love it.

The DJ could not get into the party...
See Location.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Video: Second Life Sex Bed Case

A review of the seminal court case of copyright issues. Video is Not for Minors.

UK TV channel More 4 News made this report on the Sex Gen bed court case - with footage of the bed IN USE. The strange world of Second Life, seen at its strangest.

Philips Design Co-creation Experience.

I had the pleasure to participate in one of the Philips meetings as part of the Philips Design Co-creation Experience.

The Co-creation Experience is intended to be a journey over time that we hope to take together with the ‘Philips Design Friends Group’. The journey starts here by clicking on the panels on the top platform to become a group member. The only qualities you need are to be open, creative and collaborative.

See Location of Philips.
and details about the reserach.

2006-7 Summer Course: Virtual Life: MBA Business Simulation (Bar Ilan)

As part of the Bar Ilan University MBA school, this EMBA course is two fold:
  1. To introduce the Metaverse as a new form of fun, work, and being.
  2. To facilitate an integrative business process of a new market, new product, marketing, sales.
The platform we will use is Second Life (one of the first example to the Metaverse).

  1. Get to know the world
  2. Products and services in the Metaverse
  3. The business environment
  4. Project Presentations
Lab Location (SLURL).
Course Site (internal)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Second Life Sex Bed Case

"UK TV channel More 4 News made this report on the Sex Gen bed court case - with footage of the bed IN USE." Business, legal and sex all in one item.

Cool new moodget from LabPixies

Always cool and simple things that make you smile and think:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode # 1: Molotov Alva My Second Life

A good intro to second life. 1st episode of 'My Second Life' online! 'My Second Life'was shot entirely in the popular online world Second Life. On one of his visits in SL, Filmmaker Douglas Gayeton came across a series of seven video dispatches by a character named Molotov Alva. It appears that a man by the same name mysteriously disappeared from his real world California home in January 2007. Gayeton put Alva's dispatches together into a documentary of seven episodes.

Virtual Worlds Weekly: Barbie Girls Growing with 50,000 Members per Day

One of the most important sources re the Metaverse is They offer a news letter that include the latest. One of their latest stories capture Barbie Girls. A new world for girls. Here is what they said:
The new Barbie Girls online world, which is still in beta, announced last night that it had signed up three million members in its first 60 days ago and is continuing to grow with 50,000 members per day. In comparison, Second Life, which launched in 2003, didn't reach that mark for registrations until January of 2007. Barbie Girls even seems to be outpacing other major brands with children's virtual worlds initiatives... Disney's online world at 1.165 million users compared to Nickelodeon's Nicktropolis at 1.4 million users, though those numbers are for unique users and not simply registrations.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Internet

An amazing video; old but good that talk about the Internet. Now replace the word internet with the word "Metaverse." This was refered to by the blog of second life.

Second Life: More than 8 Million Users

Sorry it took me time to post it. But yes Second Life got 8 million users
(ok people that really opened an avatar. people that opened different avatars). Some of my friends have 10-20 avatars. ah ah. Still an amazing achievement.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth at TED Conference

Microsoft Live Labs is demostrating some high-end cool stuff that has long term relevance to the Meteverse. 2D pictures from public sources are compiled to create a 3D representation AUTOMATICALLY!!!! Wow.

See full item with amazing video in their web site. Brief:

In March of this year Microsoft Live Labs Architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas spoke at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference in Monterey, CA. Blaise demonstrated Seadragon and Photosynth to an enthusiastic audience and painted a vision for how these technologies will evolve in the months and years ahead. Watch the short video above to see some of the amazing ways these technologies will change the way you interact with your images in the future, and visit the Photosynth site to try the latest collections from the team.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fun: Second life in Real Life

Just play this video; I am not responsible if you pee in your pants!! so funny. Txs to Alon for the lead.