Saturday, May 19, 2007

2006 Business Week Podcast on Virtual Worlds, Real Money

The most balanced cover of Virtual worlds to date. Business week.

Here's the start...

As I step onto the polished wood floor of the peaceful Chinese country house, a fountain gurgles softly and a light breeze stirs the scarlet curtain in a doorway. Clad in a stylish blue-and-purple dress, Anshe Chung waves me to a low seat at a table set with bowls of white rice and cups of green tea. I'm here to ask her about her booming land development business, which she has built from nothing two years ago to an operation of 17 people around the world today. As we chat, her story sounds like a classic tale of entrepreneurship.

Except I've left out one small detail: Chung's land, her beautifully appointed home, the steam rising from the teacups -- they don't exist. Or rather, they exist only as pixels dancing on the computer screens of people who inhabit the online virtual world called Second Life. Anshe Chung is an avatar, or onscreen graphic character, created by a Chinese-born language teacher living near Frankfurt, Germany. And the sitting room in which Chung and my avatar exchange text messages is just one scene in a vast online diorama operated by Second Life's creator, Linden Lab of San Francisco. Participants launch Second Life's software on their personal computers, log in, and then use their mice and keyboards to roam endless landscapes and cityscapes, chat with friends, create virtual homes on plots of imaginary land, and conduct real business.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TOP 10 IDF Rules; for CEOs, Parents, Kids, and others

I like to see what people are putting on their walls. Few days ago in a friend at Afeka I found these 10 rules from the IDF. Due to their secrecy I will not translate them to English. It is amazing how right they right. Usefull in day-to-day small to large scale tasks.
If you want to translate or comment let me know.

Thanks to Zohar Dvir.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

EZ Metaverse - embed your avatar -- meez

I love ez-metaverse and here is the latest -- meez. Very interesting. A bit new. Comments? let me know.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gmail BUG

I must say that I got used to 100% up-time of Gmail.
But lets all remember that computers are computers, and programming is really the art of making bugs. (See the historical origin re bugs).

(Thanks for Merav Hason for the lead)

FreeSound on Google Maps

The creative mind of people is doing it again. FreeSound is a bank of sounds... that is now connected to Google maps. See this Site.

(Thank to Ori Spector for the lead).

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Afeka Internet search champion 2007

I was happy to host few weeks ago the Afeka search competition.
The Internet Search Championship is the initiative of the Afeka Academic College of Engineering of Tel Aviv. In the course of the competition, held at Afeka for the third time this March, participants were required to answer questions in various fields with the help of free search engines. Hundreds of people participated in the 2007 competition which was open to the public. The four finalists achieved the best search results in the two preliminary stages of the competition.

The video is in Hebrew.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Second LIfe Cross and 6 million users ... and actaully work better

Mazal Tov to Second Life. I did want to catch the exact moment they passed the 6,000,000 "total residents". and then I had phones, emails, and people to meet in Second Life. So I missed it in 2-3 days. This means -- i think -- more than 50,000 users a day!! pretty amazing.

Also -- I actually feel the system works better. I think the new texture cache system is really doing the work. Still lots of bugs... but in the right direction.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

iGoogle - a new face for a google desktop

I have been using Google personal home Page for 12 months or so... building my gadgets world. Connecting my RSSs and other tools (including my Second Life friends). I could never explain this to people (OK, for people who used NetVibes I could explain). Now -- it what seems like April 1 joke -- Google has re-branded this service as iGoogle. Note that you can select the theme... all works smoothly. Could this be the first step to Google, Apple partnership merge? (JOKE) Merge this with Google apps.. and what you get is a very aggressive move -- I expect no less from Google. Go on! Just change the name "gadget" (borrowed from PlumTree) to Mini-Windows as the next step (but the name from Microsoft). You may want to check Google my Gadgets tools.

Review of 3D engines

3D engines database is technical for development of worlds. This is a good source for various engines. Note Open source engines; as well as public ones. Reviews are not the best but a start. Some engines are very old and no longer under development.