Thursday, March 29, 2007

Magniv 2007 Awards

On Thursday March 29, 2007 -- as part of the Israeli Search Afeka competion which I hosted -- I had the opputunity to give 5 unique awards. Magniv 2007. Magniv is Hebrew is "Stolen" -- it is used like cool, fun, unique, hot etc.

The Magniv 2007 awards were given to:
1. Brainpop -- where you can learn about anything.
2. Yedda -- where you tap into the mind of people.
3. Zlango -- a new visual langauge that make all smile.
4. The Robot -- that use CGAL to solve 3D puzzle in Second Life.
5. GeoSim -- where real cities can be viewed in the Metaverse.

Really cool stuff, all with Israeli roots. :-)