Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007-8 Fall Course: Virtual Worlds Engineering: Internet, Metaverse and Society (Afeka)

An update version of my intro course to the metaverse (see course description) was given during this semester. We (with Hillel who was my teaching assistant) pushed for a bit more programming which led to new cool products.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Video of the 3D3C metaverse Metanomics Talk

See the video here.Earlier I reported on my talk for the Metanomics TV program. This is part of the Metaversed series of talks about the Metaverse. This is a MP4 almost 1 hr video where Robert J. Bloomfield, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management from Cornell Johnson Scool of Management asks me some difficult questions about the future.

This video can serve as a good intro to the long term value of the Metaverse.

See the video here.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Metanomics With Dr. Yesha Sivan (Monday 11:00am SL time)

The interview will be done by head of Metanomis, Robert J. Bloomfield, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Management from Cornell Johnson Scool of Management

See note in the Metaversed site.
By Caleb Booker - Posted on December 15th, 2007

This coming Monday we will be joined by Dr. Yesha Sivan, founder of Metaverse Labs (MVL). A pioneer and leader of technologies for knowledge infrastructures, Dr. Sivan's professional experience is in the development of innovative workplaces. Currently he is teaching Metaverse related courses in Afeka College of engineering, Tel Aviv University School of Computer Sciences, and Bar-Ilan University Executive MBA Program.

Dr. Sivan has been very interested interoperability problems like being able to take avatar clothing from Second Life into There. He's also been looking into how virtual world simulations can interface with the real world. We'll be talking with him about defining what virtual worlds are, and how competing companies can develop common standards for virtual environments.

We'll be changing the venue this week, but the location of the event will be announced on Monday morning right here at

Seminar on Human-Computer Interface and Augmented Reality (ARHCI 08)

I will give an overview talk about the Metaverse on the
Seminar on Human-Computer Interface and Augmented Reality (
See seminar web site.

BGU ARHCI 08 will be held on Jan 2nd, 2008 under the auspices of the Lynne and William Frankel Center for Computer Science at BGU.

Reseachers from Academia and Industry as well as graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to attend the seminar.

For additional information please contact the organizers:
* Klara Kedem, Tel 08-6477869 email: klara 'at'
* Jihad El-Sana, Tel 08-6477871 email: el-sana 'at'

Program include:
11:00 - 11:15
Coffee and registration

11:15 - 12:15
Looking to the Future in Augmented Reality Research
Mark Billinghurst, Human Interface Technology Laboratory, New Zealand University of Canterbury

12:15 - 13:00
Augmented Mashup
Eyal Gever, Gizmoz

13:00 - 13:45

13:45 - 14:30
Your Next Life: From Second Life to the 3D3C Metaverse
Yesha Sivan, Metaverse Labs Ltd., and Afeka College

14:30 - 15:15
Controlling Highly-Immersive Virtual Reality by Thought Using a Brain-Computer Interface
Doron Friedman, Interdisciplinary Center

15:15 - 16:00
Interactive Rendering of Large Polygonal Models
Jihad El-Sana, Ben-Gurion University

Coffee and open session

Friday, December 14, 2007

Privacy about Facebook

A 4:00 min video about Facebook. It state: Facebook own all that you post; and you allow them to collect information from other sources.... and it all leads to some government data collection. (music sound like the same one from the googlezone movie)

Txs to Caleb Booker (see his blog:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Demo: My Trade Show to Go -- by Procter & Gamble Professional

A recent news item in Israel (Globes here) describs a virtual show room for a conference; the idea has been around for ages. But now we can actually start to see quick implementations.

For the tech people: there is a small download that bring an Active World browser. The actual show room is sparse (not to really say empty).

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fun Second Life Pictrures

I had to take these pictures for a project. Must share them... :-)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Real Face on an Avatar

In one of the last shows I was offered a free gift. My own face on my own avatar. I'm not sure I like this gift. but here it is. Larry Gardner CEO of CyberExtruder, says it is easy. you can try it for yourself in avatar island (see SLURL).

Potential Metaverse Interface

Jeff Han is a research scientist for New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Here, he demonstrates—for the first time publicly—his intuitive, "interface-free," touch-driven computer screen, which can be manipulated intuitively with the fingertips, and responds to varying levels of pressure.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nana Report on the connected Metaverse (Hebrew)

One of the leading Israeli news sites (Nana channel 10) wrote a good overview to the metaverse in general and to the need to connect the different worlds. See here (in Hebrew).

Friday, November 16, 2007

Microsoff Word: Well Done

I have been a user of Microsoft Word for more than 10 years. Just finished a 150 page document. Love this software. I had only few bugs; and this software does it all (almost). Love headings; love spelling; love styles; love table of contents. It is so much fun to work with something that work so well. I'm using Word ala Office 2003. It will take any competitor years to arrive at this level. On the other hand, how many people are crazy enough to write 150-page docuemnts that really need word?

Filthy Fluno: Artist sell RL work in SL

A joint friend has introduce me to Filthy Fluno, a new kind of Artist. His take: he sends real art to his customers. Check his place (SLURL).

Filthly in SLCC 2008

Monday, November 12, 2007

Inspire: Sir Ken Robinson on nurtures creativity, rather than undermining

20 Min Video of a unique talk as part of the Ted conference:

* We are educated out of creativity.
* Creativity is as critical as literacy.
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, rather than undermining it. With ample anecdotes and witty asides, Robinson points out the many ways our schools fail to recognize -- much less cultivate -- the talents of many brilliant people. "We are educating people out of their creativity," Robinson says. The universality of his message is evidenced by its rampant popularity online. A typical review: "If you have not yet seen Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk, please stop whatever you're doing and watch it now."
Txs to Adeena for the post.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Gmail 2.0 is here (for most of us)

Google has released a new version of gmail. Most people will barely notice it. it look the same.
So what is new:

1. You have another command on the top that says "older version." If you do not have it then you are still getting the old version. Wait few days and it will appear.
2. You will notice a MUCH faster interface for reading emails. Gmail now pre-read your email so the feel is good. Txs.
3. Improved contacts management (this is the biggest interface change).
4. Few more small changes here and there.

Please note: changes are in English version.
To see screen demos look here at Orly's blog go2web2 blog (here).

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Google Launches OpenSocial to Spread Social Applications Across the Web

Social stuff is HOT. Microsoft just took a part in Facebook, so Google is releasing its answer.
OpenSocial. It is "a set of APIs that allow developers to connect with social sites."

From Google site (here):

"The web is fundamentally better when it's social, and we're only just starting to see what's possible when you bring social information into different contexts on the web," said Jeff Huber, senior vice president of engineering, Google. "There's a lot of innovation that will be spurred simply by creating a standard way for developers to run social applications in more places. With the input and iteration of the community, we hope OpenSocial will become a standard set of technologies for making the web social."

One of the most important benefits of OpenSocial is the vast distribution network that developers will have for their applications. The sites that have already committed to supporting OpenSocial -- Bebo,, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, mixi, MySpace, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo,, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING -- represent an audience of about 200 million users globally. Critical for time- and resource-strapped developers is being able to "learn once, write anywhere" -- learn the OpenSocial APIs once and then build applications that work with any OpenSocial-enabled websites.

Also see an hr long camp side video here.

My take: Classic standard setting effort. May actually work as it will make all social sites more powerful from the users point of view. Lots of players have joined. But what will Facebook/ Microsoft say?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising 2007

A 3 min info ad re Wikimedia. Both for those who know about Wikipedia, and for new ones. So cool.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FaceBook Cool App: My Hebrew Name

We know that facebook just got a big investment from Microsoft see here:
Microsoft will take a $240 million equity stake in Facebook during its next round of financing, valuing the company at a whopping $15 billion.
Why? because facebook is the first operating system that allow ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to write applicaitons that use social context. Here is one example that made me smile.
Hebrew Names. Allow you to simply send your name and get a picture of your Hebrew name. Try it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MetaverseLabs to Participate in IBM led Interoperability Alliance

From Virtual Worlds News (see full item)

After all the about IBM's secrecy surrounding the meeting
it organized to set standards for virtual worlds, Emerging Technology and Standards Senior Technical Staff Member Peter Haggar wanted to set the record straight. Haggar was one of the leaders at IBM for the summit and helped organize it from the beginning. That makes him the target for some of the ire over perceived exclusions from the conversation. But that was never the intent. "The meeting was definitely a kick the tires type meeting to see if the idea of interoperability had legs," Haggar explained. "The invite list, there were companies and organizations that you could say we should have invited. But we didn't because we couldn't include everyone. And we didn't think we could have a productive meeting with 300 people there. We wanted a small meeting with key members and a broad representation of the industry. Now that we've had the meeting and are moving forward, we are in the process of creating, probably the best word is an alliance among the industry to start looking at it and figuring out what the best standards will be. That will be open to everyone." After all the about IBM's secrecy surrounding the meeting it organized to set standards for virtual worlds, Emerging Technology and Standards Senior Technical Staff Member Peter Haggar wanted to set the record straight. Haggar was one of the leaders at IBM for the summit and helped organize it from the beginning. That makes him the target for some of the ire over perceived exclusions from the conversation. But that was never the intent. "The meeting was definitely a kick the tires type meeting to see if the idea of interoperability had legs," Haggar explained. "The invite list, there were companies and organizations that you could say we should have invited. But we didn't because we couldn't include everyone. And we didn't think we could have a productive meeting with 300 people there. We wanted a small meeting with key members and a broad representation of the industry. Now that we've had the meeting and are moving forward, we are in the process of creating, probably the best word is an alliance among the industry to start looking at it and figuring out what the best standards will be. That will be open to everyone." More info.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gossip Girl in Second Life - Game Tutorial

The game tutorial for the Gossip Girl in Second Life mobile device. Look at the new Mobile/Game combination in-world.

IBM TV -- Archive Episode -- Adventures in Second Life

Meet Joe Washington's avatar and find out how IBM software is bringing social computing capabilities like Second Life and MySpace to the business world. Get the latest on the IBM Impact 2007 event and IBM Rational Software Development Conference. Tune into better quality management for software delivery and a lot more. See more at:
Note: this is an interesting use of the metaverse that connect real products, services, etc. You will get a review of some new products, and how to learn about them, almost mainstream use.

Friday, October 26, 2007

SL change: No big numbr of users and 50K online

A minor change in the open page of Second Life means a lot.



The Total Resident number (last seen as 9 million or so is gone).
Interesting move -- and I think a right one.
This number has less of a meaning.

52,400 Online now... is also an interesting fact. This is the highest that I have seen ever (usuall numbers were which was between 30k and 40k).

The 3D3C Metaverse @ IEEE International Conference on Software – Science, Technology and Engineering (Oct 30, 31. Daniel Hotel Herzliya, Israel)

[As part of this conference I will give a special 4-hr long tutorial titled “The 3D3C Metaverse: A New Medium Is Born.” 13:45-17:30 on Oct 31. A short intro to this will be given with Eyal Levin from IBM in the first day. 11:00-12:30 on Oct 30]

See conference web site

SwSTE’07 continues the tradition of our biennial software conferences held in Israel. SwSTE’07 focuses on recent trends in software engineering, technology, and science, and attracts hundreds of professionals from Israel and abroad: researchers, scientists, engineers and company managers.

We expect SwSTE’07 to be an enriching experience, which blends current best practices and future trends into a multi-faceted, software-centric conference.

Conference Itinerary:

  • Technical Papers: Two tracks of carefully refereed papers presenting research and experience from India, Latvia, USA and Israel: Modeling, SW project management, Aspect and Object-Oriented development, Requirements in practice, Software Implementation, Web applications.
  • Business is IT: State-of-the-art practice methodologies and experience in Information Technology: Why employees want the same cool tools as their children, The Metaverse: IT's a Virtual World where Community, Creation, and Commerce merge, Enterprise knowledge 2.0 - and beyond.
  • Industrial Experience: Leading industries share their actual practical experience: Software Engineering in the Medical Industry, TV 2.0 – management of entertainment content, and System Software Engineering in Embedded Systems.

Invited Talks by International Speakers

  • Software at Enormous Scale, Stu Feldman – V.P, GOOGLE.
  • Getting Large Systems Small, Albert Benveniste, IRISA.


  • Albert Benveniste, The polychronous MoCC and its use as semantic backbone for embedded systems, IRISA, France
  • Jutta Eckstein, Planning, Estimating and Correction in an Agile Project, Germany
  • Gal Shachor, Web 2.0 - Business Model and Technologies, IBM, Israel
  • Jutta Eckstein, Agile Software Development in a Large and Distributed Environment, Germany
  • Jeffrey Kramer, Model-based design and analysis of concurrent and distributed programs, UK
  • Yesha Sivan, The 3D3C Metaverse: A New Medium Is Born, Metaverse Labs, Israel

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Way to advertize: See

We all know about the 1 million$ pages (see here). Well Dror Cohen is taking it to the next step.
Dror, an X Israeli Pilot, wants to do the Dakar tour. So he will take ads and post them on his Car. What a way to participate.

The flash based web site ( works like magic. Real pleasure.

Monday, October 22, 2007

2007-8 Fall Course: Etgaim (honors) course -- (Afeka)

In one of my classes (ETGARIM seminar) students (honors students in Afeka College) dealt with the ultimate task... Build an egg proctor from 20 wooden sticks.
In this 90 min session the students experience planning, development, and testing -- all packed into real engineering tasks. They study the environment, their tools, and the competitive landscape.

:-) All of the students are ok, and most of the eggs.

Microsoft Live Labs show faces in image search

Friends at Microsoft Live Labs reported a unique search feature that allow you to look for faces.

The Live Search Images team recently released a fun new feature to make it easier to find specific kinds of images. Thanks to a collaboration with specialists in imaging from Live Labs and MSR, you can now search specifically for portraits, faces and black and white images. To use the feature you simply have to add a filter your query, like so:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Open Source/Standards Metaverse as Part of Virtual Worlds

I had the pleasure of moderating this panel. It was the last session of the second day -- and about 50 people attended. (Among them people from Open Sim) A good group. It is always a pleasure to see how "open" is being viewed by different people. Open source, open development, open distribution. These are all different things often lumped together (ahah LAMP= Linux, Apache, MySql, Php).

This was the official blurb:
A number of open source, standards-based virtual worlds initiatives are already underway around the world. Now, for the first time, industry leaders come together to discuss these opportunities, and share their insight. In what is certainly expected to be the "cannot miss" session for developers, we invite you to join a group of technology leaders and open source proponents from around the world in any interactive discussion on the issues surrounding opens source and standards-based virtual worlds.
- Trevor F. Smith, Founder, Transmutable
- Karl Haberl, Director, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
- Jeff Barr, Senior Web Services Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
- Bryan O'Sullivan, Hacker, Linden Lab
- Yesha Sivan, EIR - Metaverse, JVP Studio Ventures - Moderator

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Investing in Virtual Worlds as Part of the Virtual World Conference

As part of Virtual Worlds in San Jose, I participated in the "Investing in Virtual Worlds"

Investors are in the rare position to have a 30,000 foot view of the landscape. Looking at markets and trends and the entire ecology of the market leaders from the investment community come together in this session and discuss investing virtual worlds. What are the best investment plays in still emerging virtual worlds value chain: platform operators, tools and middleware providers, metaverse developers, pure virtual start up companies, service providers or some as of yet unseen operating company. Panelists will discuss today's business environment, the evolution of the marketplace and where the next growth opportunities are likely to materialize.

- Susan Wu, Partner, Charles River Ventures
- Scott Raney, Venture Capitalist, Redpoint Ventures
- Yesha Sivan, EIR - Metaverse, JVP Studio Ventures
- Sharon Weinbar, Managing Director, Scale Venture Partners
- Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO, SDForum (moderator)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogger Play from Google

Cool new web 2.0 publishing thingy. Google will play all the photos loaded currently to blogger. Cool. Try it.
Blogger Play will show you a never-ending stream of images that were just uploaded to public Blogger blogs. You can click the image to be taken directly to the blog post it was uploaded to, or click “show info” to see an overlay with the post title, a snippet of the body, and some profile information about the blogger who uploaded it. We also wrote a Blogger Play FAQ with more information.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Save Youtube/other Video Convertor

This small web based tool allow you to save videos from you-tube like sites into several format. Simple use. If you have further experience with this please let me know in comments. I have used it once and it worked well.

This one worked for me:

here's anther one -- did not work for some videos

An older tool that stopped working could be found here:

more info:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

MetaverseLabs to Sponsor a model

The 12 best avatars in Second Life... we know the answer...

We love her... and you should love her too... our house model .... Journey...

Click on the landmark below. You will land directly in front of Journey's photo, 47-E. Click the photo to vote. It will turn yellow when selected. Then you should say "yes" to the blue box that pops up.

Thank you so much for voting!

You can walk around and check this amzing competition. (

Monday, September 10, 2007

Interesting News re Yesha


I am not telling... but I have very exciting news re Yesha-Ware ... more later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seond Life to Start Age Verification

Just after SLCC conference, I got this message from Linden:

Hello, Dera Kit.

As you may have heard, we're implementing the first stage of an Identity Verification system beginning with age. Our ultimate goal is to give Second Life Residents the opportunity to reveal as much or as little real life information about themselves as they like, and to have that information verified. We see this tool as critical to supporting Residents in shedding anonymity and building trust-based relationships -- but only to the extent that they're comfortable.

We've engaged the services of a third party provider, Aristotle's Integrity, who will match information that Residents provide with information available in public records. You will be asked to provide your name, geographic location, birthdate, and an ID that is specific to your country, for example the last four digits of your social security number if you're American. We will not be storing any information except for a code that tells us there was a positive match. Integrity will not keep any identifying information about you.

Age verification will initially be used as a way to limit access to restricted content within Second Life. Therefore, in order to enter any parcel or region which has been flagged as containing restricted content, i.e. sexual activity or extreme violence, age verification will be required to ensure only adults, or people over the age of 18, gain access. Verifying age will be voluntary, except in this context.

Prior to launching age verification throughout Second Life, we're hoping you, the concierge customers, will help us out by trying the process and letting us know about your experience -- if you were able to accurately verify your age, if the process itself is clear and understandable, and what problems you encountered. Please visit the Age Verification link available from the Your Account section of our website in the right sidebar and enter the requested information. This link is currently only available to concierge customers. When you are finished, you will be asked to take a short survey to fill us in on your experience.

For more information on Age Verification in Second Life, please visit the Second Life Blog.

Thank you very much for your help, and your continued support.

Linden Lab
Creators of Second Life
The process is pretty harmless -- but you do need to put in your own name, and some very concrete data. I'm not sure exactly how this process will work for more FUN avatars.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Join me at Virtual Worlds Conference Oct 10-11, 2007

I will talk about the VC perspective --

The Virtual Worlds Conference takes place Oct 10-11, 2007. I'm speaking at the event and wanted to provide you a 10% discount if you're interested in attending. The conference is dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of virtual worlds to engage with their customers, partners and employees. When you register there will be a box for a "Promo Code".

In the promo code box insert the text: "VIPATTENDEE" in all caps without the quotes to save the extra 10%.

Web site:

Monday, August 20, 2007

FUN: Ebay Funny Video

OK... Sometimes User Created content is so funny. You will smile so wide BE CAREFUL!. :-)

(Thanks to Gilad Sivan)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Meet me at the Second Life Community Conference

Looking forward to see many of my friends in Chicago.
This year, the 3rd Annual SLCC will be located in Chicago at the Hilton hotel. The convention has grown in size expecting upwards of 1000 attendees. This year the SLCC will be using a multi-track format to maximize on content and interaction. The four tracks are Education, Machinima, Business/Future of the Metaverse and Social/Entertainment. There will, of course, be overlapping topics from track to track, and a large, central ballroom for people who just want to mingle, meet friends, and perhaps catch SL musicians strumming away on their acoustics
Full site is and full program is visually here

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Disney Buys Club Penguin for $350m (+$350m more Later)

Big news for kinds virtual worlds: See news item here
Disney announced Wednesday that it purchased Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada-based Club Penguin, a rapidly growing online virtual world for kids.

According to an SEC filing, Disney bought all the outstanding shares of site operator New Horizons Interactive for $350 million.

Disney could spend up to $350 million more if New Horizons hits "predefined earnings targets" for fiscal 2008 and 2009.
Now as new-media-VCs we love it (big exit)... and hate it (why we did not think about it?). :-)
(Also: please note the very clean - no ad design. Can Disney, will Disney keep it?)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

MMOGData: Who is using what?

The latest site to cover MMOG subscription. In the site words: "current subscription information or wondering just how many people play a specific MMOG, you’ve come to the right place." This is a continuation of the work "the awesome for information on the MMOG market which was created and maintained by SirBruce for many years, however since 2006 SirBruce has not updated the site."

Site new home is:

Japanese Tetris / Tetris Japones

OK. Sometimes words can not describe the amount of fun one could have with this. Enjpy.

Monday, July 30, 2007

A web site that allow you to figure world times

You need to set a meeting with someone in Boston, USA; Australia, Austria, and Israel. How can you make sure you have the right time.

Well World Clock Convertor does it all for you.

Of course, once you have decided you better send a meeting request to make sure all are fully synchronized with your event.

1000 Facebook People Survey re second Life

As part of my own going research re the Metaverse I was asked by few people how many know about Second Life. If you consider all the PR that SL has, this is indeed a fair question. So using Facebook survey I asked 1000 people. These are the results. If you want the actual excel file please let me know. (ohh yes. I have a typo in Heard... sorry).

Feel free to comment and tell me what do you think the data mean?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

IBM's Virtual World Employee Guidelines

From Virtual Worlds News:
IBM released its employee guidelines for virtual worlds today. The seven-page PDF outlines basic principles governing how to represent IBM in the virtual arena.
This is a simple straight forward document that guide employees as to how to behave in the virtual world. All common sense both for the employees and IBM.

This is the intro of the document:

IBM believes that virtual worlds and other 3D Internet environments offer significant opportunity to our company, our clients and the world at large, as they evolve, grow in use and popularity, and become more integrated into many aspects of business and society. As an innovation-based company, IBM encourages employees to explore responsibly and to further the development of such new spaces of relationship-building, learning and collaboration. As we engage in these new environments, IBMers should follow and be guided first and foremost by our values and our Business Conduct Guidelines.

These Virtual Worlds Guidelines for IBM employees have been created to build upon those foundations and to address the some of the choices that individual IBMers may face in virtual worlds. These guidelines are not intended to address every situation you may encounter through use of a digital persona or personas. But reflecting as they do the input and expertise of a global team of experts--IBM’s Virtual Universe Community∗ --the guidelines are a good start at informing our collective engagement and exploration.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Second Life VIP megaparty: 8 sims

Look at all these green dots.... (each is a user in the party)

For the summer Linden has hosted a mega party. Some of the coolest ppl in SL came.
Of course, slow, bugs, shoes in butt, crashing into walls... but COOOL DJ and amazing people ... .
Love it. Love it. Love it.

The DJ could not get into the party...
See Location.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Video: Second Life Sex Bed Case

A review of the seminal court case of copyright issues. Video is Not for Minors.

UK TV channel More 4 News made this report on the Sex Gen bed court case - with footage of the bed IN USE. The strange world of Second Life, seen at its strangest.

Philips Design Co-creation Experience.

I had the pleasure to participate in one of the Philips meetings as part of the Philips Design Co-creation Experience.

The Co-creation Experience is intended to be a journey over time that we hope to take together with the ‘Philips Design Friends Group’. The journey starts here by clicking on the panels on the top platform to become a group member. The only qualities you need are to be open, creative and collaborative.

See Location of Philips.
and details about the reserach.

2006-7 Summer Course: Virtual Life: MBA Business Simulation (Bar Ilan)

As part of the Bar Ilan University MBA school, this EMBA course is two fold:
  1. To introduce the Metaverse as a new form of fun, work, and being.
  2. To facilitate an integrative business process of a new market, new product, marketing, sales.
The platform we will use is Second Life (one of the first example to the Metaverse).

  1. Get to know the world
  2. Products and services in the Metaverse
  3. The business environment
  4. Project Presentations
Lab Location (SLURL).
Course Site (internal)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Second Life Sex Bed Case

"UK TV channel More 4 News made this report on the Sex Gen bed court case - with footage of the bed IN USE." Business, legal and sex all in one item.

Cool new moodget from LabPixies

Always cool and simple things that make you smile and think:

Monday, July 16, 2007

Episode # 1: Molotov Alva My Second Life

A good intro to second life. 1st episode of 'My Second Life' online! 'My Second Life'was shot entirely in the popular online world Second Life. On one of his visits in SL, Filmmaker Douglas Gayeton came across a series of seven video dispatches by a character named Molotov Alva. It appears that a man by the same name mysteriously disappeared from his real world California home in January 2007. Gayeton put Alva's dispatches together into a documentary of seven episodes.

Virtual Worlds Weekly: Barbie Girls Growing with 50,000 Members per Day

One of the most important sources re the Metaverse is They offer a news letter that include the latest. One of their latest stories capture Barbie Girls. A new world for girls. Here is what they said:
The new Barbie Girls online world, which is still in beta, announced last night that it had signed up three million members in its first 60 days ago and is continuing to grow with 50,000 members per day. In comparison, Second Life, which launched in 2003, didn't reach that mark for registrations until January of 2007. Barbie Girls even seems to be outpacing other major brands with children's virtual worlds initiatives... Disney's online world at 1.165 million users compared to Nickelodeon's Nicktropolis at 1.4 million users, though those numbers are for unique users and not simply registrations.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Internet

An amazing video; old but good that talk about the Internet. Now replace the word internet with the word "Metaverse." This was refered to by the blog of second life.

Second Life: More than 8 Million Users

Sorry it took me time to post it. But yes Second Life got 8 million users
(ok people that really opened an avatar. people that opened different avatars). Some of my friends have 10-20 avatars. ah ah. Still an amazing achievement.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth at TED Conference

Microsoft Live Labs is demostrating some high-end cool stuff that has long term relevance to the Meteverse. 2D pictures from public sources are compiled to create a 3D representation AUTOMATICALLY!!!! Wow.

See full item with amazing video in their web site. Brief:

In March of this year Microsoft Live Labs Architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas spoke at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference in Monterey, CA. Blaise demonstrated Seadragon and Photosynth to an enthusiastic audience and painted a vision for how these technologies will evolve in the months and years ahead. Watch the short video above to see some of the amazing ways these technologies will change the way you interact with your images in the future, and visit the Photosynth site to try the latest collections from the team.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fun: Second life in Real Life

Just play this video; I am not responsible if you pee in your pants!! so funny. Txs to Alon for the lead.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Video: Virtual worlds - hype or reality for businesses?

An 18 min video discussion that discuss the business side of the Metaverse. Pure discussion.'s Steve Ranger chats with a panel of experts about what virtual worlds such as Second Life mean to businesses. Is it all hype? Or should companies be getting involved? If so how?

Steve is joined by Rupert Goodwins, technology editor of ZDNet UK; Michael Parsons, editor of; and David Naylor, partner in the technology law practice of Field Fisher Waterhouse.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fring: A Voice/Chat Mobile tool

I have been looking for a long time for a unified IM, PHONE, SMS etc tool.
I think Fring has a good start. I am using it on my Nokia e61. You load the program (go to their site and register, you get SMS, and then download the software).
Then you give Fring your Gtalk, Skype, and other user name and passwords. The software load your friends, and then allow you to chat with them AND TALK with them (cool).
Fring works on both WIFI and 3G - so you can be connected all the time. I had 100% good results in chat; and 80% good results with VOICE (from both WIFI and 3G).
A nice feature allow you to load your regular phone contacts and make Fring calls to them.

Thanks to Yossi Fatael for the link.

Still some work to be done on usability, But a VERY good start.

Saturday, June 16, 2007 MMO Netscape Moment

The Economist had a small article about the need for standards. See here.
What happened on the internet, of course, was that the web came along and provided common, open standards for both client and server software, doing away with proprietary online services and bringing together previously separate communities as CompuServe, AOL and the rest adopted the web's open standards. Now a firm called Multiverse Network hopes to do the same for MMOs. It has created MMO client and server software based on open standards, and a way to move between virtual worlds built on its platform, just like following a link from one web page to another. And it has made its software available for free download by anyone who wants to build and host a virtual world.
Personally I LOVE THIS TOPIC. The Metaverse standards will allow this entire industry to develop. see Yesha's Five Dimensions of Standards.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

List of Real Businesses in Second Life

New Business Horizons Ltd was set up to offer a service to businesses and organizations that wish to create a corporate presence within Second Life but without the time and costs associated by either going it alone or having to commit a large budget to a specialist agency.

As a service they offer a full list of real business that are now in Second Life. They also have a nice Video Gallery.

History: The Sierra Network (ImagiNation) TV Ad - early 90's

Is this the first metaverse?
The ImagiNation Network, aka the Sierra Network, was the first online multiplayer gaming system. Developed by Sierra On-Line in 1989, and first available to the public in 1991, the ImagiNation Network was a unique online gaming network that gave subscribers from all over the United States of America a place where they could "play games, make friends and have fun". With a wide variety of games including RPGs, WWI aeroplane simulations, live trivia, and card and board games, almost every user could find something enjoyable to play. INN also featured an electronic post office, many bulletin boards, chat rooms, and the company boasted of having "more than 200 groups, clubs and special events online."
See Wikipedia.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Old Masters Picture Gallery Dresden @ Second Life

My friends at Anshe Chung Studios have just finished the first FULL scale gallery in second life.
An amazing achievement. 1-on-1 copy of the real Dresden gallery. This is what the web site says:
It is a logical next step in this history of the use of media by the museum that we should take on the challenge of the 3-D web. For the first time it is even possible to convey a sense of the exhibition space, which is an essential aspect of any museum visit. How users will react to this technology is as yet unknown. We are particularly interested to know how this new offer is used, and what users think could be done to develop it further. The virtual version of the Old Masters Picture Gallery is being supervised and scientifically monitored by the Institut fuer Kommunikationswissenschaft at Dresden University of Technology under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Hagen.

Second Life: More than 7 Million Users

OK, Second Life now with 7,100,000 residents. Please note that these are people who have opened account not active users. Still an amazing number. That is 7 million people that added their name to the second life site. Well DONE!.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Magniv 2007 Competition

Here is the video of the Magniv Competition. Five firms got the COOL award in 2007.

See full post earlier

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Virtual Worlds Review (2003-2006)

Virtual Worlds Review is an interesting site because it capture the state of the field until 2006 (it is no longer managed).

Friday, June 01, 2007

EPN report on Second Life -- Survey of 246 Residents

I have just re-read a 45-page report published by EPN in December 2006 -- A dutch research center specializing in internet and society. The report by David de Nood and Jelle Attema asked some interesting questions about what people do in second life, what do they fear, what is the purpose of their stay. One of the first academic works that try to analyze patterns of use. You can get the report if you send email to

Saturday, May 19, 2007

2006 Business Week Podcast on Virtual Worlds, Real Money

The most balanced cover of Virtual worlds to date. Business week.

Here's the start...

As I step onto the polished wood floor of the peaceful Chinese country house, a fountain gurgles softly and a light breeze stirs the scarlet curtain in a doorway. Clad in a stylish blue-and-purple dress, Anshe Chung waves me to a low seat at a table set with bowls of white rice and cups of green tea. I'm here to ask her about her booming land development business, which she has built from nothing two years ago to an operation of 17 people around the world today. As we chat, her story sounds like a classic tale of entrepreneurship.

Except I've left out one small detail: Chung's land, her beautifully appointed home, the steam rising from the teacups -- they don't exist. Or rather, they exist only as pixels dancing on the computer screens of people who inhabit the online virtual world called Second Life. Anshe Chung is an avatar, or onscreen graphic character, created by a Chinese-born language teacher living near Frankfurt, Germany. And the sitting room in which Chung and my avatar exchange text messages is just one scene in a vast online diorama operated by Second Life's creator, Linden Lab of San Francisco. Participants launch Second Life's software on their personal computers, log in, and then use their mice and keyboards to roam endless landscapes and cityscapes, chat with friends, create virtual homes on plots of imaginary land, and conduct real business.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TOP 10 IDF Rules; for CEOs, Parents, Kids, and others

I like to see what people are putting on their walls. Few days ago in a friend at Afeka I found these 10 rules from the IDF. Due to their secrecy I will not translate them to English. It is amazing how right they right. Usefull in day-to-day small to large scale tasks.
If you want to translate or comment let me know.

Thanks to Zohar Dvir.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

EZ Metaverse - embed your avatar -- meez

I love ez-metaverse and here is the latest -- meez. Very interesting. A bit new. Comments? let me know.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gmail BUG

I must say that I got used to 100% up-time of Gmail.
But lets all remember that computers are computers, and programming is really the art of making bugs. (See the historical origin re bugs).

(Thanks for Merav Hason for the lead)

FreeSound on Google Maps

The creative mind of people is doing it again. FreeSound is a bank of sounds... that is now connected to Google maps. See this Site.

(Thank to Ori Spector for the lead).

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Afeka Internet search champion 2007

I was happy to host few weeks ago the Afeka search competition.
The Internet Search Championship is the initiative of the Afeka Academic College of Engineering of Tel Aviv. In the course of the competition, held at Afeka for the third time this March, participants were required to answer questions in various fields with the help of free search engines. Hundreds of people participated in the 2007 competition which was open to the public. The four finalists achieved the best search results in the two preliminary stages of the competition.

The video is in Hebrew.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Second LIfe Cross and 6 million users ... and actaully work better

Mazal Tov to Second Life. I did want to catch the exact moment they passed the 6,000,000 "total residents". and then I had phones, emails, and people to meet in Second Life. So I missed it in 2-3 days. This means -- i think -- more than 50,000 users a day!! pretty amazing.

Also -- I actually feel the system works better. I think the new texture cache system is really doing the work. Still lots of bugs... but in the right direction.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

iGoogle - a new face for a google desktop

I have been using Google personal home Page for 12 months or so... building my gadgets world. Connecting my RSSs and other tools (including my Second Life friends). I could never explain this to people (OK, for people who used NetVibes I could explain). Now -- it what seems like April 1 joke -- Google has re-branded this service as iGoogle. Note that you can select the theme... all works smoothly. Could this be the first step to Google, Apple partnership merge? (JOKE) Merge this with Google apps.. and what you get is a very aggressive move -- I expect no less from Google. Go on! Just change the name "gadget" (borrowed from PlumTree) to Mini-Windows as the next step (but the name from Microsoft). You may want to check Google my Gadgets tools.

Review of 3D engines

3D engines database is technical for development of worlds. This is a good source for various engines. Note Open source engines; as well as public ones. Reviews are not the best but a start. Some engines are very old and no longer under development.