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Prof. Yesha Sivan - Short Bio

Prof. Yesha Sivan is the Executive Director of The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University Coller School of management. He is also a visiting professor of innovation and venture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School. He is also the founder of Metaverse Labs (MVL) - a leading think tank focusing on innovation via virtual and real worlds. Sivan's professional experience includes developing and deploying innovative solutions for corporate, hi-tech, government, and defense environments (see, for example, the Harvard 9-Keys for Knowledge Infrastructure). He published numerous papers in the areas of strategy and IT, innovation and venture, knowledge, 3D3C virtual worlds, and standards. Sivan received his doctorate from Harvard University. He has taught EMBA, MBA, engineering and design courses in his areas of expertise. His blog is http://www.dryesha.com.

习移山教授简历 - Simplified 

习移山教授现职特拉维夫大学管理学院的 Coller Institute of Venture 行政总裁。他同时也是香港中文大学商学院创新创业访问教授。他是Metaverse Labs 创办人。Metaverse Labs 是一个专注于虚拟及真实世界的创意智库。习教授的专业经验包括为企业、高新科技、政府和国防环境开发及应用创新解决方案(例如:the Harvard 9-Keys for Knowledge Infrastructure)他曾出版不少有关策略及信息、创新及风险投资、知识、3D3C 拟世界和标准的文章。习教授在哈佛大学获得博士学位。他曾在EMBAMBA、工程及设计课程教授有关他专业的知识。他的博客是:http://www.dryesha.com

習移山教授簡歷 Traditional 

習移山教授現職特拉維夫大學管理學院的 Coller Institute of Venture 行政總裁。他同時也是香港中文大學商學院創新創業訪問教授他是Metaverse Labs 的創辦人。Metaverse Labs 是一個專注於虛擬及真實世界的創意智庫。習教授的專業經驗包括為企業、高新科技、政府和國防環境開發及應用創新解決方案(例如:the Harvard 9-Keys for Knowledge Infrastructure)。他曾出版不少有關策略及資訊、創新及風險投資、知識、3D3C 虛擬世界和標準的文章。習教授在哈佛大學獲得博士學位。他曾在EMBAMBA、工程及設計課程教授有關他專業的知識。他的博客是:http://www.dryesha.com

About my Chinese Name: 习移山

 Xi (to learn) 移山 Yi Shan (to move mountain)

I have taken a Chinese name that resembled the sound of my Hebrew name.

The last name 习(xi) means to learn which is something I like to do, as well as teach. (I have dropped the "van" of Sivan).

The first name 移山Yishan means to move a mountain.  It is similar to Yesha (in English and Hebrew) plus "n".

The first name also relates to a famous Chinese story about Yu Gong Yi Shan who moved a mountain.

Here's a summary from http://history.cultural-china.com
In ancient times, there was an old man in front of whose house were two high mountains, making it very inconvenient for him to come and go. He gathered his family and started to level the mountains. His neighbor scoffed, "You are foolish. You are too old and weak to level a small hill, let alone two big mountains." But the old man said, "I have sons, and my sons have sons. I will have endless progeny, but the mountains won't grow any higher." The spirit of the "Foolish Old Man" moved Heaven, and it sent two immortals to move the mountains away.
This idiom describes an indomitable will.

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