About "Innovating innovating..."

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What is Yesha doing? He is Innovating innovating...

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Now for the full version:
From time to time, I choose a tagline that defines, hints, markets, as well help people remember what I do. In the past, I used taglines like "Do as a thinker, and think as a doer" and "Innovation via 3D3C."
Now is the time for a new tagline.
When I reflect on what drives (perhaps what should drive) the world and what drives me I can definitely see "innovation".
Innovation is more than ideas; it is the realization of these ideas into solutions that create value.
But why the two words? Innovating innovating? Well, the answer is simple: Innovation itself is changing. Innovation is being innovated. It needs to be innovated.

What has been innovation & venture for the last 100 years is evolving. We need new kinds of innovation, new ways to fund innovation, new platforms for innovation, new government policies, and more

So my work revolves around the challenge of Innovating innovating...
Few words about the characters in "Innovating innovating..."
  • I chose the upper case "I" to make sure we all know it starts with one person. Innovation is a team work, but it starts with a leader who leads the process.
  • The second "i" is small. We need to be humble and respect the world around us: partners, employees, shareholders, customers... they are all part of the innovation.
  • I chose the "..." at the end to state that innovation (in this case of innovation) is a journey. It takes time and energy. There are new things that cannot be planned for.