Saturday, January 13, 2018

19-Jan-2018, HK: CUHK EMBA Sample Class

CUHK EMBA Sample Class by Prof. Yesha Sivan 
If you are interested in an EMBA based in HK with a spin on Digital Glocalization meet me
Fri, Jan 19th 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m, CUHK Downtown center.

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Topic: “Your Career in the Age of Digital Glocalization”
Career Dynamics is a critical domain for aspiring senior executives, both as a tool for themselves as well as a tool to manage and lead others. In this session, we will review two of the main forces that affect careers:
  • Glocalization – the ability to connect two or more cultures and balance the forces for the global with the local
  • Digital – how digital is changing the way we conduct business on every level
CUHK EMBA Program is the first EMBA program in Hong Kong and remains a truly made-in-Hong Kong product.

We aim to maintain our ability to nurture top-notch management talents to meet the needs of Hong Kong, the mainland, and the world. Join us for our Sample Class cum Information Session to learn more!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Welcome 2018, and your actions with "Innovating innovating..." with Yesha

As part of wishing us all healthy, productive and creative 2018 let me share with you the latest on "Innovating innovating..." and Yesha (as well as direct optional action items).

When I reflect on what drives me as well as what drives the world (perhaps what "should drive"), I can definitely say "innovation." Innovation is more than just creativity or ideas; it is the realization of these ideas into solutions that create value.

So why the two words - Innovating innovating? It is because "innovation" itself is changing. Innovation is being innovated. It needs to be innovated.

What has been innovation for the 20th century is evolving. We need new kinds of innovation, new ways to fund innovation, new platforms for innovation, new government policies, and more.

In this context, my work revolves around the various challenges of Innovating innovating...
in my main two fronts
  • Academically:
    • In my work out of Hong Kong, where I'm a visiting professor of Innovation and Venture at the Chinese University Business school, I'm looking at the leadership of innovation as well as working with the local HK/China venture ecosystem. See especially my executive courses on Digital Transformation in item 2 next. 
  • Commercially, under (this is my consolidated brand):
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