Sunday, April 02, 2017

24-25 May, 2017--Prof. Sivan in Digital Mindfulness Live, London

Digital Mindfulness Live is a one-of-a-kind live experience that inspires digital professionals to innovate in the age of digital distraction, and shape the future of the digital industry.

Meet me @ Digital Mindfulness Live May 24-25 London with Digital Mindfulness…/digital-mindfulness-live/

On Day One, you will have the opportunity to engage in workshops led by topic and industry leaders. On Day Two, inspiring keynotes from topic and industry experts will be shared, with ample time to meet and connect with startups, entrepreneurs, industry and academic experts and peers.
The aim of Digital Mindfulness Live is to bring together experts from around the world to share best practice, insights and innovation in behavioural science, human centred design, psychology, UX, Product Development, team development, mindfulness, and more to actively improve the quality of our personal and professional connected lives in an age of digital distraction and information overload.